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Nova Vista Pneupump .22

New from Nova Vista Airguns comes the revolutionary Pneupump Rifle, a precharged air rifle with built in pneumatic pump for easy recharging.

The Pneupump has a tactical stock that is lightweight and durable , has a fill pressure of 220 bar and takes approx 50 pumps to fill to full.

The pumping is effortless and surprisingly easy to pump in comparison to  standard pcp pumps.

A quick fill adaptor is also included for standard filling from bottle if required.

With a multishot magazine  10 shots in .22 or 12 shots in .177 at up to 11.2 lbs in power, there is also a reduction of power setting mode to reduce to 6.5 foot lb.  Fed by a bolt action cocking device.

Also included is a single shot tray for target shooting .

There is a 9mm rail for fitting of scope and a 4x32 scope and mounts is included.

The weight is just 3.6kgs .

Remember we deliver to your door in mainland England and Wales.

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