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Lee Enfield rifle .177

Arrived at long last - mk2 versions now have no issues with magazines which have been upgraded,

This has far exceeded our expectations from viewing the prototype back at the British shooting show.A bolt action fed magazine modelled on the rifle used by the British Empire from the Boer War to World war 2 . The British army used it as their standard rifle from 1895 -1957 .

The lee Enfiled SMLE  has a fully wooden stock and made 1/1 scale replica of the real thing.

Full metal working parts, strippable bolt action and with fixed fore sights and adjustable rear sights.

The butt plate is made from brass and the trigger non adjustable just like the real thing.

The magazine is fully metal and holds 15  .177 shots and will provide up to 40 shots at full power of 600 fps.

A manual safety catch is situated to the rear of the stock .

This is truly an iconic collectors rifle and a must have for any shooter with a fondness for WW1 WW2  and more recently Peaky Blinders series.


We strongly suggest you reserve these if require one as will sell out fast.


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