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Hawke trail Cam 10mp

The hawke 10 mega pixel features vga video, mesures 122x100x66mm


  • Selectable resolution for photos and video
  • Infrared LEDs to capture images and videos at night
  • Display screen to edit settings in the field
  • Wide angle PIR sensor (motion detector)
  • Burst, time-lapse, time delay and duty time modes Date, time, temperature and moon phase stamp
  • Robust and compact design - Weatherproof
  • Hawke two year warranty

The Hawke range of nature and spy camera feature selectable resolutionsfor photos and videos using infared LEDS to capture images and videos at night.

The display screen to edit setings in the field features a wide angle PIR sensor which acts as a motion sensor .

A burst and time lapse , time delay and duty time modes , date ,time and temp with moon phase stamp.The hawke spy cams are robust and waterproof with 2 year warranty.

Ideal for hunting,trail,nature and security.

comes with usb lead for charging and uploading

mounting strap

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