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Victory PP700W PCP Review

Precharged air pistol technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and the airgun world has began to feature more and more of these pcp pistols at increasingly lower prices- but does cheap mean poor performance ? Sportsguns tests the Victory PP700W  to find out.


The Pp700w has an array of excellent features one would usually find only on a more expensive air pistol.

Ok it does not come with open sights that will require the shooter to attach his/her own , supplied with 9-11mm rails there is ample space to fit either a telescopic sight or red dot.

A chunky feel pistol grip with all weather grip feel makes for a really robust grip.


An ambidextrous grip, a single shot that comes in .177 or .22. The barrel is shrouded to reduce muzzle sound , this could be reduced further with a suppressor however SMK the importer have yet to import one - keep eyes peeled.

An adjustable 2 stage trigger , composite grips , dovetail rails , quick fill prob charging and pressure gauge is also provided, again quite a lot of pistol for your hard earned cash.

Features that really stand out are unique sliding drawbridge block breech which is extremely easy to load , and a  hammer cocking system  .

A sleep profile means for a well balanced effect , a red dot or 2x20 scope are my firm recommendations.

Charging is done to a fill pressure of 220 bar and filling via probe supplied means its done in seconds form a dive tank or a few mins if using a stirrup pump.

Remember to gently charge the system rather than full on blast .


with a target set up the PP700W charged and scope correctly its time to check out the accuracy .

At 2.6lbs in weight and majority of it on the front the pistols sits well and hits the target with ease  due to the 5.5 ft lbs of power this one we used was throwing out in power.

Loading is via the small sliding draw bridge breech which will act as the safety catch also , so be aware of this.

Slide the block over to right hand side which will expose the open chamber , place pellet in creating a firm fit which is nice and flush to reduce any pellet crushing.

Slide breech to left to close, cock the rear hammer to prime the pistol which also sets the trigger in ready to fire mode.

The adjustable 2 stage trigger feel extremely good and crisp in the pull with no overt pressure.

test sheet

60 shots an average of 5.5ft lbs - total spread was 56 fps.

This is unregulated so a little creep in power lows towards end of charge but very little .

Not greatly noisy due to suppressed barrel .


its a beast of a pistol, robust , powerful , accurate and fun.

Hard to fault for the money .



.177 or .22

weight 2.6lbs

length 14.5"

2 stage trigger adjustable

fill pressure 220 bar

shot count 60

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