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shooting in your garden

tips on how to make a gun range in your garden

its summer and what better time to enyjoy shooting some targets at the botto of your garden.

here we give you some advice on how to shoot safely .


be a good neighbour

always best to inform your neighbours that you are shooting, remmeber that if a single pellet goes into a neighbouring property then you are breaking the law .

it is also wise to remmer that noise pollution is also an issue.reasure them that there is no danger and that you have taken all neccessary precautions to minimise any dangers to you or them.

Better still why not ask them if they would like to join in.


Range layout

ensure your range backs onto a dead end where no one will walk in accidentely, if your range does back onto a possible entry point then be sure to lock and create a warning sign of your shooting activity.

create a safety set up, this will ensure no one is forward of the firing area until given the go ahead to do so, this applies to pets also.


target airgun

choosing a target

there are unlimted numbers of airgun targets on the market ranging form knockdown and reset to pellet catchers.

always check that your target is not going to ricochet , safety glasses are advisable to check this.

knockdown targets are in our view a great source of entertainment and many feature anti ricochet set ups.

spinning targets are also great fun as are exploding targets but remeber these can be load if living in close proximity to your neighbours.

the tried and tested paper target are great for grouping and again there are hundered of different designs on the market.


make a safe backstop for your pellets

creating a sfe backstop for your shooting raneg is paramount to safety when shooting.

the best stops are concreate or brick as thet stop the momemtum of the pellet straight away.

i find carpet and old magazines , newspapers will also do a very good job but ensure you have an ample pile enough to stop any projectile.

steel is also an excellent form of backstop but again remember that this will create a noise , easily remedied by again placing newpaper and magazines in front of it.