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PCP Stirrup Pump or Scuba Tank

Precharged air rifle filling Pump Or Scuba Tank???

Thinking of making the jump from springer air rifle to Precharged yet unsure about what to use to fill your rifle and whats the best option for your use? We look at the pros and cons of pumps and scuba tanks.


The choice will ultimately boil down to what suits your needs but also location and accessability to a gun or dive shop that fills scuba tanks.

stirrup pump

Dive scuba tanks

Offer a fast and convenient way of filling yoru airgun, using clean dry air at the turn of a lever .

The cost is not that much more than a pump providing many refills and relatively inexpensive to refill at a local gun or dive shop, some shooting clubs will also have a refilling service.

Downside is that the scuba tank can be heavy and if carrying around on a shoot be an unwelcome weight , also refilling can be hard to source in some areas.

Most have a 5 year warranty but after this time will require to be inspected by authorised service centre, failure to do so can mean most shops or clubs will refuse to refilll them after this.

The cost is much the same as a decent stirrup pump depending on the size of bottle and will provide dozens of fills per charge.

dive scuba bottle

stirrup pump

Slightly less in price and much more portable if going out shooting for the day , be warned filling from a stirrup pump can be a hard experience , with modern airguns now fitted with larger bottles and capable of supplying 200 shots they take a good few minuites of pumping to fill. It is best to try not to let your bottle drop too much if using a pump and keep topping up to ensure does not drop below green.

The other large downside of a stirrup pump is the condensation created which enters the gun bottle thus causing corrosion in the internals.

HIgher end quality pumps have built in condensation filter packs to reduce condensation and filtre out moisture.

The main benefit of pumps are that you do not require long triops to dive or guns shops to fill and can be easily transported anywhere.