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How to Sight A scope


So you have purchased your air rifle and scope now you need to align the sights .

Even if your gun and scope are new out the box  they will still require setting up so sportsguns have come up with a few basic skills to get you up and running.


Always ensure you have adequate protection such as glasses and targets and remember to use a suitable backstop behind your target.

Find a suitable gun rest such as padded cushion ,desk or bale to keep your aim as steady as possible.

Begin from 15 feet away and aim for the centre , if easier to begin with use a a4 paper with circle drawn onto it and aim for centre.

Fire 3 shots then take  a note of impact area.

Dont be worried if you failed to hit the target at all , simply adjust aim and try again.

If your hits are too low adjust your point of aim upward, if too high adjust down.

This involves unscrewing the scope turrents which will reveal an adjustment dial . This will state "up" and an arrow to show the direction - usually clockwise ans down anti clockwise.

The side turrent has the same dial but will feature right or left motion for left to right adjustment.

At a close range of 15 feet you may need to rotate your dial a full turn.

Take 3 shots and repeat.

Now you are hitting accuratley at 15 feet adjust the target back to 30 feet. Repeat process remembering that the further away you are fromt he target any adjustments you make to the scope will have a more profound change to the point of impact .

We recommend 2-3 clicks at a time .

Once you have gained accuracy at this distance then move to 75 feet and repeat process.