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Rough Guide to buying a knife

We asked our resident knife guru to do a very basic knife guide when buying a Knife. Here goes Knives are essential tools–they make daily life a bit easier and life in the woods much nicer. But you need to decide on a few things :-

Fixed or Folded.

knife fixed blade

What do you want this knife to do? Do you want something that trims threads and opens packages, or do you need a knife that can cut and shave wood ? If its heavy duty ie on wood then i recommend fixed, if light duty, opening letters/parcels etc, then folded. What are you going to use the knife for ?:- if its for cutting rope, nets, sawing branches etc then you will need a part serrated blade,

krambit knife

((these are much harder to sharpen , especially outside the home,)for anything else, cutting, slicing skinning i recommend a straight blade. There are many different blade shapes for knives, you have to decide whats best for you for both usage and looks.

Fixed blades

fixed blade knife

vary from small to huge, the same is true for folders as well. Folders also come with more decisions as well, do you want, flip, lock, slipjoint etc. at the end of the day its up to you, so long as its comfortable in your hand, does the job you want it to do, and is safe to use while being pleasing to your eye Alls good. A note on safety..... allways cut/slice/chop AWAY from your body, keeping your fingers behind the blade, and i would recommend watching lots of utube tutorials on the safe use of your chosen knife. Above all else be responsive with whatever you buy, study the relevant knife laws, where you are, and enjoy . Hope this helps guys n gals,