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guest review of walther maxus kit

Chrissy j Hart reviews his recent purchase os the walther maxus kit

Walther maxus .177 air rifle review. Well been at the range today. And I promised sportsgunsa review on this stunning rifle. The walther maxus purchased at for just £249.99!!!  on first impressions of the rifle brand new out of the box I was extremely happy.. felt solid and well made! And for a spring rifle, pretty light too! This is made in Germany. By walther. And shipped in too Armex in England. Armex have created the maxus from the already great walther Terrus. They have cut the barrel too carbine length.. and added there own borg silencer. Which is great btw! also helps and assist with cocking.

wather maxus review


Today I decided to go to the range with my girlfriend as it's her first time shooting. I started by re-leading the barrel which took about 30 pellets.. and for it to settle down. Then I placed a target up from 30 yards. It didn't take long to find a good zero.. and as in the pic. I decided too do 3 shots.. well within a 5p coin. That's impressive from a air rifle under £300!

maxus air rife review

The rifle cocks smooth. With little effort. And the automatic safety is nice. The trigger feels very nice. And is adjustable for first stage travel. The recoil isn't that bad either! There's no 'twang' or echoes which you might find on some spring rifles and especially synthetic stocks. This one seems to do well in absorbing the recoil. It seems very consistent and had no trouble knocking down those metal targets at 30 yards away. As you can see in the videos. I haven't managed to put this over the chrono yet. But will add those results soon! Me and my girlfriend had a very fun day shooting. And I am very pleased with this rifle! If your on a budget and fancy a rifle.. for under £300 for target shooting or pest control.. look no further! Thanks for reading my review.