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Kral NP02 PCP Review

Turkish brand Kral have launched some fantastic airirfles lately, we take a look at the NP02 with conventional walnut stock.

The design is eye catching and radical , similar to the old air arms TDR , it features a walnut stock with drop down pistol grip.

A front cylinder and aso a rear mounted buddy bottle with 530cc capacity that is charged from the front cylinder.

The barrel features a 1/2 inch unf fitting for a suppressor if required - not included , 2 magazines along with a single shot tray as standard.

Side lever cocking and a 2 stage trigger , a manometer , chequered laser engraved walnut stock and synthetic rear stock assembly with adjustable butt pad.

There is also a power adjuster which is ideal for shooting in sheds or if going to the range .

The build quality is extremely robust and solidly manufactured.

The walnut stock is far superior to many other rifles that are twice the price in fact.

The scope rails have both dove tails and picatinny and are made from steel as opposed to some earlier models that were plastic.

The barrel is just 10.6 inches long so very compact , a silencer is recommended - the kral silencers are extremely good and at reasonable price of £44.99

Charging the Np02 is done in a few mins from empty , the push probe is simple to use , a twist cap surrounds the fill probe port to maintain a clean area.

The multishot magazine  holds 14 shots in .177 and 12 in .22 , extremely easy to use and unlike other puncher mags.

Clockwise twist all the way around and drop first pellet in head first to hold back spring , then fill each chamber in turn until full.

The side lever is fitted to left hand side of the action the magazine is fed in.

Lever back and slide in magazine, the mag cycles automatically upon each lever action.shot cycling is faultless.

A single shot tray is also included and inserted from the right.


The 2 stage trigger is not the most sophisticated and blade could be broader , however with little creep it does the job nicely.

Handling fantastic and makes for a lot of fun shooting the NP02.

A power adjuster comes as standard which is in the form of a knob on the right , the left hand side indicates low or high power.

Shot count is 180 in .177   and .22 200 shots .

The first 85 shots show a total spread of 28fps.

The NP02  is a little pellet fussy and we recommend JSB or weihrauch pellets with this rifle.

5/8-inch c-t-c over 30 yards was very acceptable.

So we can conclude that the Kral NP02  is a great purchase for both pest control and target shooting alike.

There is also a marine version which is very nice.

Kral Np02 


calibre .177 or .22

weight 7lbs

length 29 inches

walnut stock

2 stage trigger

200 bar fill pressure

11.5 foot pounds power

power adjuster