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Lee Enfield Air Rifle News

Lee Enfield News- hot off the press is that it is almost here .

We care promised by our suppliers that the iconic rifle is going to be available end of July 2019 .

Its been a bit of a wait but we think its worth it , almost 2 years since we were originally told about it but having seen first hand the fantastic finish and performance of this rifle we are prepared to overlook this wait.

a .177  steel bb co2 powered rifle, detailed accurate replica,same weight and dimensions as original.

500 - 550 fps velocity, 30 plus shots from 1 x 12gram co2 capsule.

Made from wood and metal construction throughout, it houses 15 shots from a removable magazine , user removable bolt and accepts all original accessories such as bayonets and slings so is ideal for re-enactors.

The lee enfield was the British Army;s standard rifle from its adoption in 1895-1957.

The "smle" short magazine lee enfield of "smellie"  as affectionately known by troops in the trenches in ww1 was famous for being able to perform the "mad minute" placing 20-30 shots into a target in under 60 seconds.

Lee enfields were adopted by commonwealth forces and still found in use around the  world today .

It is thought approx 17,000,000 lee enfields have been produced .

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