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Kral Puncher mk2 released.

We recently took delivery of the Kral Puncher breaker mk2 bullup rifles. Unfortunately the mk1 versions were prone to a number of faults which severely dented the reputation of what should have been a fantstic rifle.

Rangeright the official importer of the Kral brand to the Uk were quick to recognise this and have worked hard with Kral to ensure that the mk2 was up to the task it was designed to do and we are please to say that the mk2 has passed with flyiong colours.


But what better way to test a new rifle that has a history of chequered past than to send one to a number of respected airgunners throughout the uk for their opinion.


The first review is back and has passed with flying colours, Matt Brooks of APOC facebook group loved his time with the Kral Breaker and has made a great youtuve video to show his full review


The mk2 krals are now supplied with improved barrels and regulators and also supplied with a single shot tray a standard.


Having now sold out of the first batch we are delighted to say every one has been performing as they should.

Watch out for more reviews of the Kral Puncher breakers coming soon.