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Gletcher Seal kit change vid

We get asked a lot about field stripping our most popular pistols so here is a quick video of how to do it and where to replace the seals on a Luger Po8 and 1911 pistol.

Sportsguns hold a large amount of spares in stock for the Gletcher range of Air pistols and Air rifles so if you need any just give us a call and we can help you out.

If unsure of what part of seal your equire the great thing about Gletcher products is the packaging they are supplied in comes with an informative detailed diagram of every internal part and an individual number.

PLease note that if you are servicing your own pistol be sure to do so on a clean and smooth surface where you will not loose any parts or internals whilst stripping pistols. ( like i did and lost a few screws )


If in doubt give us a call 01239615996


po8 luger gletcher field strip


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