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Now summer is finally almost amongst us the sightings of rabbits has exploded, a harsh winter appears to have had no effect whatsoever on the numbers of them. The wet days of spring followed by hot periods have made for perfect condiitons for the rabbit population to feed and multiply.

Whilst the long grass and leafy hedges prove good hiding for the rabbits it also provides a perfect hide for the shooter to take a shooting position to despatch them.

Rabbits will be found most mormings enjoying the sun and is the ideal time to set up your shooting position.

Earky mornings and early evenings are best if you dont want to be sat in the warm sun , dark and rainy days

Mild days with little wiond and full moons means rabbits may have already eaten to their hearsts content

meaning the will rarelycone out fro their hiding .

best times to hunt rabbits are just after the rain as they will come out from thir hides to gather and eat food.


The mating season of rabbots is between Feb and july seeing a huge regeneration every 4 weeks.

The directtion of wind is also a deciding factor in hunting rabbits, they are aware of their scent being taken to predetors such as foxes making them nervouse especially on open ridges.

They are much more at ease in close hedges and and open fields as know their scent is being driven across open areas making them less of a target.Always ensure you are not standing out on open groud or against a skyline.