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Choosing A Junior Air Rifle

Choosing an Air rifle for youngsters

So your ready to introduce the youngster to your passion of Airgunning and shooting.

Here we will try to adivise you on what to look for and talk you through the basics of choosing the best air rifle for your future young shooter.

junior airgun


It is best to have a light weight rifle which can be handled safely and learn to shoot correctly without having to struggle with a heavy airgun. Remember you can add weight but can not take it off .If its too heavy this can become tedious and easy to loose interest .




The length of the stock is extremely important factor in purchasing an airgun for the youngster..It is good practise to ensure the stock and butt pad fit firmly into the shoulder when aiming and firing the airgun.

If the stock is too long this not only reduces the abiklity to aim but also unsafe.

wooden or synthetic stock

Synthetic air rifles have become a lot more common in recent years , slightly lighter in most cases than wooden stocks however this will depend on the quality of the wood .

A synthetic rifle is easy to clean and maintain and as hard wearing as wood.

The wooden stocks are more traditional and also as hard wearing and will over time in our opinion stand the test of time if looked after.

Synthetic are also usually cheaper than the wooden stocks - overall its a matter of personal choice.


scope or open sights

We always suggest that purchase a air rifle that has open sights as standard that can also be fitted with a scope should you wish.The majority of airguns produced have these as standard and with the benefit of modern day fibre optic sights added to most rifles open sight shooting can be rewarding and offer a disciplined shooting technique from the start.

junior air rifle


the majority of junior and senior airguns will have a safety catch , junior rifles commonly have a automatic safety catch for added safety.

Remember to always use safety glasses such as the gletcher eyewear to reduce any richochets and promote safe shooting.

A bag and gun lock is also advisable - sportsguns will happily include any gun lock free of charge while stocks last with any junior rifle included.