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FX Chronograph

The Fx Chronographs are amazing value and better still fit in your pocket of gun bag.

Airgun shooters are always interested in the power their rifle , more so with FX airgun owners or other branded air rifles that can have their barrels interchangeable. 

The fx chrono is inexpensive and takes little time to operate unlike other .bulky  chronos , the FX is lightweight portable and hardwearing.

Wireless radar chronograph that features bluetooth communication direct to your phone using an easy downloadable app for android and ios. T

The FX chronograph will show you the exact speed and muzzle energy in either feet or lbs.

The pocket chronograph is ideal for archery ,co2 rifles,airsoft ,slingshots and paintball and all calibres.

Any projectile under 1099 fps can be measured .

Since the FX Pocket Chronograph uses radar technology, it will work in any weather conditions, even in the middle of the night. Unlike other chronographs, no external light sources are needed.

Simply place the chronograph below the muzzle, Open the FX radar app on your phone, and start firing away as the phone lists (or even calls out) your shot-string.


Size: 72x70x42mm (2.75” x 2.75” x 1.7”)
Weight: 133g  (5 oz)
Interface: Bluetooth
Smart App: iOS & Android
App name: FX Radar
Measurement Tech: Doppler Radar
Velocity Range: <  335m/s (1099fps)
Power Source: 3x AAA Batteries
Mount: V-shaped mount (not in the picture) that allows you to mount the chrono to the barrel.

There is also a slot on the bottom side that allows you to mount the chrono on an edge, for example a fence.

Warranty:  1 year limited

Accessories: Bracket with 1/4”-20 Female thread for tripods (not included).

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