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beeman dual barrel 2015w

new from beeman and sportsmarketing is the worlds first double barreled airgun.


the beeman company has worked hard to imporve its already popular eange of air riflesand after many years of research and has produced a range f rifles that are unlike any other.


the new twin barreled rifles allow the shooter the option of firing two shots at once or just the one of their choice.


the unique cocept in the airgun world has bee patented by beeman .


ideal for both pest control and targeting it can shoot a .177 and .22at the same time.


the 2016s double barrel airgun, full wooden custom stock and a unique twin barrel that fires both a ,177 and a .22 pellet at the same time.


full power at 11.5 lbs and ideal for all pest control this is a great rifle for all your requirements be it target shooting or pest control.


Fibre optic sights as standard , manual safety catch .

beeman 2015w new from beeman this summer is the brand new concept of dual barrel airguns, features twin barrels that fire simultaneously , full power of 11.5 lbs,fibre optic sights and ideal for all pest control, the 2015w comes with a weaver rail for scope attachment, provided with a 4x32 scope and mounts, comes in a thumbhole stock.


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