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Artemis M16D .177

The new m156d artemis with detachable bottle, high performance and accuracy .

Regulated with pressure gauge to monitor regulated airflow, and pressure gauge for monitoring bottle capacity.

A rapid pellet magazine increases accuracy and loading , the barrel is 460mm and comes with a purpose built silencer that can be fitted or removed by simply screwing on/off.

Lightweight and with excellent workmanship and stability the m16d is already proving to be a force to be reckoned with.

The scope rail is a 11-12 mm dovetail and with sidelever loading lever ensures the shooter never needs to move his lie of sight to reload.

A rubber ventilated butt pad absorbs any recoil and a manual safety catch is fitted to the top of the trigger.

The velocity in .177 is 900fps

.22 is 800 fps

.25 700 fps

Magazine capacity in .177 is 13 shots

.22 11 shot magazine

.25 9 shot magazine

weight is 3.1 kg

silencer included free of charge.

remember we deliver to your door in mainland England and Wales .

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