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Air Pistol Revolvers

Co2 air pistol revolvers are great fun and many are replicas of the real thing. Powered by 12 gram co2 capsules and with multishot magazines they really produce the same effect and joy as firing the real thing.We have a huge range of revolver pistols in stock and from the leading brands such as colt,umarex  , smith and wesson , webley , crosman and many more. The western revolvers such as the peacemakers are fantastic quality and almost 1/1 scale replicas of the real macoy.Or how about a peaky blinders air pistol such as the webley and scott mkv1 , a stunning replica and used in the filming of this amazing series.Remember we deliver air pistols direct to your door so not rfd transfers or travelling. Any queires regarding the co2 revolvers just give us a call or email.

KWC 357 6" Black
357 pistol kwc black
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